Chairwoman's Statement
Chairwoman's Statement
On behalf of all Riying employees, I sincerely welcome you.

How lucky we are to meet here.

Since we are so lucky, I hope we can live up to our time.

First of all, on behalf of all Riying employees, I sincerely welcome you. You are one of us from today on.

Mutual respect, understanding and trust will be the foundation for us to work together in the future. Let’s pursue our dreams and share our glory together.

Life is always great because of the existence of dreams. The sky in the distance may not be as clear as you think, but please don't say to me, "let it go."

You have to know today is cruel, tomorrow will be more cruel, but the day after tomorrow will be very good. However, most people die on tomorrow night, so everyone do not give up today.

If you can't do this, you may lose the chance to improve in Riying. Everything is changing is the only constant in the world. I only give you suggestions that honesty is the root of being a man, empathy is the foundation of being a man, profession is the life of career, and modesty is the lifeblood of success.

I hope you have not only dream but also courage and action; I hope you don't mediocrity but continuous progress; I hope you don't drift with the tide, but have your own unique flash; I hope you can help others instead of yourself; I hope you can cooperate with others instead of fighting alone; In short, a person with dream, struggle, innovation, cooperation and responsibility is what Riying needs. Opportunities are always equal to those who work hard. In Riying, every effort you make will be the ladder in the process of your success. Of course, you will encounter some frustrations, but is frustration not a kind of whet?

Years have been stormy but more waiting for trees full of blossom. We were still returnees walking in the snow last night, but today we set out in the sun.

Finally, I want to give you the blessing of "Riying". "Riying", taken from "the darkling skies and yellow earth, Amid great chaos had their birth. Then Sun and Moon their courses ran, then stars were set and round they span" of the "Thousand-Character Classic" 3500 years ago, indicating endless life. I hope you can thrive here and develop permanently with Riying.